Eggs In A Hole! The Simple Breakfast That Brings Back Memories!

If eggs in a hole doesn’t taste like Grandma’s down-home cooking, nothing will. I was lucky enough to have a friend show me this fun breakfast!


Bread Slices

Butter (1 Tablespoon per slice of bread)

Eggs (1 per slice of bread)

Start by warming your pan on a low heat, somewhere between 3-4 on a standard cooktop. Next, create a hole in your bread big enough to fit an egg. I use the rim of a glass. Save the bread circles for later!


Next, butter your pan, and both sides of your bread. Place the egg inside the hole quickly, as the bread and eggs will cook at the same pace.


Try two minutes per side, but your cooking time will vary depending on the type of bread you use, and the heat setting on your pan. The key is to completely cook the egg without burning the bread! It’s an easy balance to make a delicious breakfast, just keep the heat LOW!

Cook those bread circles right along with the toast and egg for an extra piece of fun-sized buttery medallion toast! Kids love this breakfast!


In the end, you should have a beautiful, crispy piece of old-fashioned skillet toast, with a perfectly cooked egg attached!


My kid and I enjoy this method the best, and my wife likes to make hers inside a bagel instead of bread! There are all sorts of delicious variations! Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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